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Project Three:
Video Tutorial

My final project was to create a tutorial for an app or process of my choice. I chose the mobile app Todoist, a to-do list app that has helped me greatly. I did the tutorial in video format, which was a new medium for me. 

Tools used:

  • Todoist app in iOS and web

  • Adobe Premiere Rush

  • Canva

Project Planning Memo

Planning was key for this project, as I was working with new programs to create a video, rather than a print product. I planned my work and deadlines carefully.


Usability Test Script

I tested the tutorial with two users to make sure it provided all the information they needed. This was especially important because I was creating the tutorial as a video, so efficient use of voiceover and image was key. 



I planned the sequence of images and voiceovers for the tutorial using a storyboard created in Canva.


Draft Tutorial

My first draft of the tutorial combined voiceovers and app footage with instructional slides. (Click icon to download the tutorial as a ZIP file or view it on YouTube.)


Peer Editing

Peer review from my classmates helped me determine which elements of the tutorial needed the most attention in the final edit.


Instructor's Assessment

My professor suggested I make my introduction more clear, so users of the tutorial would better understand what the app was for before they started using it.


Final Version of Project Three

Based on feedback from my professor and my usability testers, I added more introductory material to the tutorial and made the slides more straightforward. (Click icon to download the tutorial as a ZIP file or view it on YouTube.) 

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