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Project One:
Adobe Acrobat Tutorial

For our first project, three of us worked together to create a tutorial for Adobe Acrobat. Our tutorial taught users how to add text and images to PDFs; to edit existing text and images; to add links to PDFs; and to add, edit, and remove comments. 

Tools used:

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro

  • InDesign

Project Planning Memo

Before starting the project, our group assessed the tasks ahead of us, created a schedule, and planned our workflow.


Micro Usability Test

While planning our tutorial, we observed a user who was using Acrobat for the first time, so we could determine parts of the tutorial that would need extra explanations.

AdobeStock_334478311_micro test.jpeg

Usability Test Script

We drafted a script to use when we took testers through the tutorial.


Mock User Test

Our first user test with the tutorial helped us identify weak spots, which we refined for later tests.

AdobeStock_459066215_mock test.jpeg

Usability Test Summary 1

Our official usability tests with our classmates helped us pinpoint areas of the tutorial that needed revisions.


Usability Test Summary 2

Further tests helped us refine the tutorial.


Analysis & Revision Plan

With insights gathered from our user tests, our group planned revisions to the tutorial.


Peer Editing

A group of three classmates reviewed our project and provided us valuable feedback. 

AdobeStock_197966237_peer review.jpeg

Project One & Group Self-Assessment

Our group finalized our tutorial, then assessed our product and our working style.


Instructor's Assessment

Our professor provided feedback on content, layout, and design.


Final Version of Project One

Taking into account my professor's feedback, I revised our project to create my own version of the tutorial and style sheet.

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