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ENGL 5181:
Writing User Documents

This portfolio constitutes a semester's worth of work in the technical communication program at UNC-Charlotte. I created three documents: a print tutorial created with a group; a usability report created on my own; and a video tutorial created on my own. For each project, click on the accompanying icon to learn more about the work and to view the documents produced at each step of the process. 


Project One:

Adobe Acrobat Tutorial

For our first project, three of us worked together to create a tutorial for Adobe Acrobat. Our tutorial taught users how to add text and images to PDFs; to edit existing text and images; to add links to PDFs; and to add, edit, and remove comments. 

Project Two:

Library App Usability Report

For this solo project, I created a usability report for an app released by UNC-Charlotte's J. Murrey Atkins Library. I had users test the app and perform several tasks, then summarized their experiences and recommendations in final report to the library staff.

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Project Three:

Todoist Video Tutorial

My final project was to create a tutorial for an app or process of my choice. I chose the mobile app Todoist, a to-do list app that has helped me greatly. I did the tutorial in video format, which was a new medium for me. I explained to users how to create an account in the app, then create and manage tasks, schedule and reschedule due dates, and plan large project with subtasks.


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